Sitemap - 2021 - gate(less)

365 days

Talking to myself

An Active Placebo

It often goes


Last Sunday Sundries 2021

Feels a lot like


Snow Falls

All the promises we keep

Solstice 2021

PKD's The Secret

Sunday Sundries

The day after

27 years


Signs and Symbols

Some trees show us their beauty

After the retreat

Sunday Sundries

No mind, no being

How many turns to the center of now?

Where do you stand?

How many times

Learning to be human Part 1.0

Contraspun worlds

Sunday Sundries

Dreaming all-day


An old friend

Reflections on trees in a cemetery

Huckster Shaman

The Gateway Theory

Sunday Sundries

The illusion of continuity

I prefer working backwards

The Nightmare of History

Even now

A whirlwind of emotions

Ghost in the machine

Sunday Sundries: The Unfinished

Passing Through

Gourds in the Cemetery


I loved him

In my lifetime

Sardines: Part II

Sunday Sundries

Belief in a way out

A gate(less) weekend

Didn't know it would last so long

Not that we expect anything

There is something else we need to do

Experiments in automatic writing

Sunday Sundries

You disappear and find yourself again

Organizing principals

First Frost

Sometimes, we're ecstatic

Lately, I've had the feeling

Magical Thinking

Sunday Samhain

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” - PKD

The spatial orientation of our lives

Plotting and planning replaces

Other creature's memories

How the living FK

Let it get the better of me

Sunday Sundries

Hi there call us when you're around

Losing your self

Traveling Thru

Be that as it may, be


Ain't that a thing?

Sunday Sundries

Woke up today

Ball of confusion

Happens now or

Ahead of the curve

What will remain of our good works?

Not everything is written this way

Sunday Sundries

Saturday pre-sundries

Stripping away

The Rise and Fall

What are they up to?


Too small

Only a test

Sunday Sundries

Returning & Going

Its, forbidden

The ends of days

The feeling you get

There was something I read today

Out of the water onto the land

Sunday Sundries

Spectrum Analysis

Re: Apocalypse Now and Then

Not just a channel

The way it is

Abandoned 60s architecture?

Say what you will

Sunday Sundries

Fags your ability

I have it from good authority

Day 2

Do you ever trail off in the middle...

Cliff, cliff

Selfish to be selfless

Water, water

Sunday Sunflowers


Ghost story

Thick headed

Too tired

Depending on the weather

Beware the water spouts

Sundray Sunries



Moon, Stars & Leaves

Planning to fail

Enter title...

Latvian Juice

Sunday Sundries

Fire in the belly

Decolonize the last day

72+ ain't we got fun

What we can see from here

Leaving, going, returning

Knees knock

Sunday Sundries

Spirit Limbs

Cloudy, low chance of rain

a little like that

Leaving Home

Turtles all the way down

You: "Lost"

Sunday Sundries

I've seen some things

Saying it in other ways

How do we stop?

Premonitions of Rebirth

Better on the web

The Visit


Sunday Sundries

Ennui without apparent cause

Best Intentions (Real Time)

Despite best intentions

Followed by Being



The layers of Home

Sunday Sundries Paying Attention

Here's today's gate(less)

Crows understand 0 (zero)



Where to start?

Looking for the hummingbirds

Getting here

Out of the sky

Genius loci

In the air (One hopes)

Delayed redux


Sense of History Redux

Sense of history

Sunday Sundries


Hard to say

Secret Ways

Lost in the past

Sense of importance

From the beginning I was exhausting

Sunday Sundries

Hard to say

Magic in, Magick out

Be Joyful though you've considered all the facts

Both are influencing us interestingly and separately

Waiting for the storm

After the facts

Sunday Sundries

The ground moves

The regrettable July 4th

Recognized as another dog

Loop (in 9 parts)

Losing Sleep

The absence of light

Sunday Sundries

Assessing in the middle of the night

Link to today's substack

Trees in the background

Where we left off

Cargo Cult

After Father's Day


Sunday Sundries

Nice not to be

Ligo Weekend

Guardians all around us

4 hours of sleep

Inch by inch, row by row


Another Sunday Sundries

Everything's groovy

Bachelor Night

Shoulda been

Loitering around the edges

Earlier than usual

Monday, Monday

Sunday Sundries

Prepping for screen-free

Showing what we're made of

An acquired taste

Are you plugged in?

The story of my electric brick

On Water

Where ever you go

Being OK with this


Celestial Orbs

The Firmament

Even when it all changes

Constant Motion

Sunday Sundries

The truth of the matter


Past midway, but not near the end

The Nurture Trail

Woken by Loons

The World is always ending

Sunday Sundries: Getting to camp

More on being a branch

Water, Clouds, and Everything

The World, a dead tree in the cemetery

Thinking ahead

It, only matters

POV/ The Birthday Issue

5/9/2021 Sunday Sundries

And just like this, I delude myself

Count down to the solar return

Squirrels & Rabbits & Carpenter Bees

In Passing

Dislocated in Time

Almost didn't happen

Sunday Sun-dried

No words, only titles

Day 30, Last Call

When a tree is not me

Before you read it

Trees in a Spring Cemetery

Getting to the end, again

Sunday Sundries

Spirit Limbs

what a difference a day makes

always coming into the middle

Insult to injury

Second Vaccination Day

Looking for the important tree

Sunday Sundries

The Discontents of Time

Moving Targets

Have a Break

Patterns among integer distance points

The presence of absence

To make a bow before a vegetable

Sunday Sundries

Open, open, open

Sometimes, ya just need to walk away

F*! Utility


Duckman & Drone

Reeds outside the Hotel at 6 AM

Sunday Sundries 4/4/21

The end of complaining

2, April 2021

April 1'st

Don't Look in the Mirror

22: Prepping for National Poetry Month

I never understood people who say "Drugs,"

21: Sunday Sundries

Self Portrait of an Artist as a Madman

Harbinger: 2.05

One Word

Adjunct to 'Working Title'

Working Title

Living in the Past

Sunday Sundries #20


Entangled: 19

A tale as old as

Try again

Take your Daemon out to dinner

Ebb and Flow

Cults of Authority

Sunday Sundries 18 and over


I knew it was going to happen

Something about stairs

Furious Friday's

The Labors

Out of my head

Feedback loops keep the tempo

Sunday Sundries #13

Yesterday's Wind

Lost Tastes

Incomplete sentences

The sense of Spring


Walking away

10 Sunday Sundries

Any food you choose

A Preemptive Kundalini Strike

I'll be watching you

Lawrence Ferlinghetti takes a final bow


Digital Ghosts

7 Sunday Sundries

Listening to late night Netherland's Trance Radio

We eat. We have eaten. We elaborate.

It's about time we 8


Almost didn't happen


Sunday Sundries 3.7

If it had gone differently

Finally, 7!

Thursday's nod to Xango

That's not funny, that's six!

Chapter 6: He takes a vacation

Exu: The Long-Conversation has no gate

Sunday Sundries 2


I wonder if he looked surprised?

When I was/will be (The Game)

What is the 'Gate' in Gate(Less)

Well, of course, Oshun

If I should die before I wake

There will come a day

Sunday sundries

I told my mother, "We don't do animal sacrifice"

Do it again. With Gusto!

It can be difficult being raised among giants

Mason-Jars at night

In a blink

Tales from endstage-capital(ism)

Sunday, after

Layman Pang

Happy Birthday, Mamina!

Under Construction

Nothing ever-changes

The never-ending erasure

A sorting of seances

How to build a Nkisi

A Lost Trip Report

How quickly can I move on

Today's title came and went 10'000 times

Another day of frustrated ambition

A Prepared Statement

Why did you do that?


the impossibility of change

What's happening behind the scenes

I don't f%cking know

Eternal Return (It's the law!)


Dr. Con & The Daemons

Doc Con & The Daemons

Dr. Concrescence and the Daemons

A Prayer for the New Year