Sunday Samhain

10/31/2021 Sundry Spookiness

“The headline was taken from a colonialist smear piece about Vodun — I believe from the earliest NatGeo — I thought it was hilarious — I also constructed the above from a found Canva background — I found it hilarious — and this morning when I opened it — I found it disturbing — Appropriately — this is what the season is about — the silent in between where divination and sorcery happens”

“We do have Celts in our background — Although I lived with pagans for many years I never really lay claim to the tradition preferring the living traditions of Integral Voodoo and Zen — I do however appreciate those keeping the ancestors alive”
“To celebrate the High Holy Days I suggest you get into a deep conversation with a tree — Personally — 1/2 coming from the Latvian tribe — an Oak would be an appropriate choice — trying to avoid being genetically biased — for me — a good discussion can be had with a Palm or Cactus and if we’re being localists — the Maple in the backyard is always chatty”

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Enjoy the transition, however you celebrate! Much love,

Con/Jur/d, 10/31/2021