Decolonize the last day


“In the modern subsumed Judeo-Christian program there is an error in the code — We habitually focus on the means of the last day rather than the message and when we do see the message we are incapable of understanding it”
“A long-standing Unirondack creation myth is of the Hydrofax whose penchant for peanut butter has led to post-meal attacks on campers — Their watery ends have provided fertile soil for generations of campers”
“Occasionally the Hydrofax sheds a horn and allows it to wash up on shore as a reminder — The Last Day Snack on some was the beginning of camp ecstasies for many others”
“If it is simply a reflection then become familiar with the concaveness — the opacity and the tiny imperfections of your reflective surface”

Later y’all,

Con/Jur/d, 8/27/2021