10/19/2021 With a host of neurochemical modifiers

“As I remember we were walking down a hall — and with the enthusiasm —I was capable of then — I said to Peter — ‘It’s all chemistry!’ — His reply still haunts me — ‘God I hope you’re wrong’”
“I call this way of being — Formula-mind — when running I can produce endless potions — philters — elixirs — supplements — aphrodisiacs — placebos — medicines — and panaceas”
“Peter was right of course — below chemistry is story — below story is language — or should I say above? — I’ve forgotten so much chasing the background —Apologies — one of the rare cases I don’t know the origin of the photo — since I didn’t take it — to my knowledge”
“Don’t forget the question of memory — back in the 90s a respected French scientist demonstrated a homeopathic formula worked at 10 X — The scientism community was outraged! 5 independent labs tried to replicate his findings — take him down a notch — run him naked through the streets — challenge his tenure — they proved he was correct — when the newspaper asked him how he felt he replied — ‘Yes I know I was right — the science was sound — I’ve moved on — I’m sending remedies now via the internet’ — Careful now — I remember the story — and it is what we do around here”

Well y’all, I hope you enjoy today’s placebo: Designed to remind you neurochemicals are just endogenous drugs and of course, to restore lost time, reinvigorate your practice and, make you high AFK.

Con/Jur/d, 10/19/2021