Almost didn't happen what with one thing and another all day back and forth

I remember when I first read about the Hebrewmystical tradition of the “Breath of God.” The Kabbalist was meant to speed up the feelings of separation & belonging until god’s breath out and in, became one. And then I realized this Thirteenth-century text was describing bipolar manic-depression better than my Psyche 101 class. DON’T Worry, I always avoid a diagnosis, unless it suits me.
I’ve never self-identified as a narcissist. admit it. My selfies tend to have a look of surprise or befuddlement. I rarely, actively, look in mirrors. And so my own image comes as a surprise, a Rorschach test for some sort of embodied reality. When I took this one, I thought to myself “Rasputin is that you?” I’ll never forgive my last hair-stylist for casually trimming my brow antennas without due consideration that she may be hampering me in some way. It does surprise me when I find my eyes are hazel or grey, depending on my mood. More and more I’m rejecting happenstance; it leaves me little room for pride.
While sitting this morning the temperature rose 7 degrees Fahrenheit bringing outdoor temperatures to a whopping 37 degrees. Part of a long and painful freeze-thaw process capturing the violence exacerbated by climate change but necessarily embedded in the fabric of the season (Fat Tuesday MoFu’s!) The ‘lion’ tends to come earlier while the ‘lamb’ sometimes never comes at all. Again, I digress (Is digression with discretion any longer digression or just a quicker way to point out the obvious: We don’t know what we’re doing.) — It had been less than an hour since it had risen above freezing and this creature appeared on the outside of my window, backed by snow. After seeing such miracles, who can have pride in anything?
It’s freezing again. If you hold onto anything from this, the image above says it best: No matter what you hold to be true, the melt will come, flowing without impedance along the path of least resistance.