Secret Ways

7/15/2021 find the Others

“Windless, breezeless spaces where trees take it upon themselves to greet you and ask ’What are you doing here?’”
“I’ve spent days walking with the Dead, humans, animals and memories. Seeing what they believed to be important, how they checked they weren’t dreaming, and what would happen if they went off the path, followed the Secret Ways”
“All morning the Substack servers have been down. Reading these letters, uncovering the pictures in these boxes, is meant to remind us of how delicate it is — How it has always been just an illusion of stability”
“When you understand this, its time to reclaim, reenchant, rediscover the Secret Ways — All this and more belongs to you — Who else would it belong to?”

Well, y’all, the last few days have not gone in expected ways, and isn’t that what freedom is about? Time for us, the tribe of Others, to recognize the Secret Ways we travel everyday.

Con/Jur/d, 7/15/2021