What's happening behind the scenes


One day a cousin of Jai Uttal, explained to me, the concept of ‘dropping babies’ in the conversational style of Californians Con/Jur/d 1/6/2021

His hands, gesture towards me,
palms up, knees and elbows
bent under,—
I always loved the word ‘akimbo’ —
a great weight. Eyes, mostly closed,
he mumbles,

“Here, here take it”
I do,
and to this day
I carry it,
without a way,
to describe it.

“Here, here my friend
take this, you’ll almost never
regret it and when you do,
pass it into someone-else,
with love and gratitude for all
it has given.”

I hope, despite the magahatters (as mad as a magahatter) ya’all are embracing the roaring 20’s. Meanwhile, I’m updating Dr. Con’s adventures. Will he be a flapper? A dandy? A rye slapsticking detective? A he? A lobster? Or will he reintegrate and stop peaking around crooked corners in abandoned buildings where the electricity flows through pre-Cambrian wireless conduits, low-voltage imperfection in the gravitational field? I don’t know but pass through and we’ll find out together. ‘Til next time,


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