Lost Tastes

The 12 who gathered broke bread, drank wine, and

She isn’t a fan of seafood, being raised by Puritans who were not Christians, she never developed the philosophy necessary to eat raw oysters or a taste for excess. When we brought back fresh cod and crabs from just outside this sunrise however she was impressed by the stew.
Popular guidance suggests we shouldn’t eat at airports. Being philosophically heterodox after being raised Lutheran by part-time pagans, I know when to break the rules and by how much. I’m sure if I had gotten the full 12, I’d have regretted it on the flight home.
Speaking of flights, I knew a man who in his pursuit of truth joined an ancient Greek monastery. When he noticed, during his illuminated-transcription, duties the word for ‘bread’ at the last-supper could also be translated as ‘mushroom,’ when he reported his findings to the Abbot, he was hooded and taken forcefully to a secluded beach and fed unknown fungi. As the sun rose, he was led into shallow water and told “This is how Aphrodite brought us language.” I don’t know if he was telling the truth, but as a precaution, I try to feed them when I can.
I’m a size 11.5 which doesn’t mean anything when you’re alone on the path. In Europe, I’d be a 45, like most things here, it doesn’t fit the theme, so I’ll try not to mention it.
With the state of isolation, we are subject to, even when we think we’ve found home, it’s important to forget, to open up, empty out, and let a new palate