Sunday Sundries

with a lite drizzle, 4/11/2021

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“Possible Beaver lodge, the original ‘disruptive’ tech. Unlike the Capital Technocrat version, it enhanced rather than causing mass failure in the system, for individual gain.”
“Tracy saw the teeth marks first. It could be a boy with a hatchet although I doubt that breed of pup is common anymore. Remember when confronted by a seemingly insurmountable monoculture system, be a beaver.”
A poem in 5
Con/Jur/d, 4/11/2021

I’m feeling 
the coming
of time. I 
need to sit,
let go, submit.
The drizzle
saying, “You
foolish, foolish,
it’s yours,
a choice.
just drip, drip
slow, slowly
in your own

Later y’all gotta sit! ;-) Con/Jur/d