11/18/2021 Twilight Zone? Crossroads? Home

I met my friend at the Walking Distance Pavillion today — until this very moment — despite the Twilight Zone themed panels above the rabid horses — I didn’t understand why the pavilion was called Walking Distance — of course — halfway between our houses: George_F._Johnson_Recreation_Park_Carousel

Jon who passed away earlier this year — would take breaks from his deep-history research and watch noir movies and television — When I first arrived here he had watched two different cop shows where when they caught the miscreant is was revealed via radio —they had been caught in Binghamton
Certainly — when I started to regularly walk the cemeteries — it was obvious with their shallow waves of intermingling histories — Binghamton was a place of crossroads

Have a beautiful day, y’all!

Con/Jur/d, 11/18/2021