Sunday Sunflowers

9/12/2021 The work

“Although I appreciate the appreciation — my first reaction is confusion — My readers are the ones who work — I’m just the cook — without you — there would be no one to eat what I make”


“I’ve always tried to do The Great Work — The ‘real’ work — not a simulated altar boy groomed by corporate priests to the self-important — self-appointed rulers”
“I rarely succeed — except in retrospect — my desire to not be an imitation of someone else’s desires — is partially why it took so long for me to find a teacher”
“I lean over and say — ‘After all these years I’ve gotten better at discerning authentic humans — and as I’ve said in the past y’all are some of the finest examples I know —

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Con/Jur/d, 9/12/2021

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