Feedback loops keep the tempo

1,3 1,2,3,4 1,3 6 days hence it will reverse & come back 3.1

Not only did the Sunday sundries have the greatest number of likes thus far, but it also provided the answer, 42. If you would like a list of possible questions, please consider subscribing at the yearly rate. Or don’t, the karma is about the same, but the feedback loop grows perceptibly tighter. For example, just for you, I went jogging today, or rather I started the couch to 5k program again. If you were paying attention to the above picture you will see it was 21 degrees, this is obviously significant because it’s Monday. (feel free to click through the numbers for the eye-notes, so-called because they are at eye level when you see them since we are no longer bound by the physical-analog page, calling them footnotes would be silly). Also if you were paying extra close attention, the time the screenshot was taken because 1 + 2 is 3 and 1+9 10, displaying as 31. If you got the π joke, and know we are currently in a waning crescent heading towards a New Moon on 4/13. (The 4 is implicit in the above calculation since we would reduce 31 to 4 normally, but since the Timewave Zero fiasco, I’m afraid of dividing by the the ‘0’ implicit in ‘:’, its better to simply preserve calculate: as a liminal integer, or possibly a wild card, after all, it only makes sense if Hexagram 65 is considered as The Fool of the Tarot) Obviously 31 should be considered 13 until we come around the circumference again on the New Moon-Pie Day!
This is why I think there was such a good response to yesterday’s Gate(Less), the mention of key-lime pie. I didn’t have any pictures of key-lime pie covered with chocolate. For me, our reader’s obvious enthusiasm is warranted, but the idea of eating it is better than the actuality, imo. However, among the unbeatable pie flavors above is a Jalapeno-Apple pie that I ate in a dream one night back in San Franciso. Upon awakening, I immediately called my brother and told him. He was possessed by the Muse and created an Apple-chipotle pie with cheddar crust, absolutely in the top 1% of pies I’ve ever eaten. Don’t tell me you can’t live your dreams I know better. If you couldn’t make it to the wedding where the Master Piemaker A.A.A created these mouth-watering creations by looking at the pies above you are experiencing a second-hand dream, or as I said to a friend this weekend “The Russian-doll dream”
I lied. This is the picture of eating the chocolate-covered key-lime pie in Key West. I was worried. You see after the surge in people hitting the ‘like’ icon I was certain the next post wouldn’t live up to your expectations. What can I offer you, a dream within a dream, not even a ‘real’ meal. Luckily, it was a moments research using the search function on Google to reveal you can get an entire pie for yourself for the low, low price of $129
“Before we ate the pie” 3/8/2018. I understand. For most of you, the less I say, the better the conversation. I just wanted to show you “The Numbers of Gate(Less) aren’t random. And, and that would be a good band name: The Numbers of Gateless. I’m sure they wouldn’t sound like this: 1,3 1,2,3,4 1,3

That’s all, y’all until tomorrow have a 12:12 day!

Con/Jur/d (Whose a definite 6 on the enneagram) 3/8/2021 = 7

Oh, that makes sense Now if I just move this here and that there, then the Chariot becomes a canoe! O hey. Never mind, I didn’t expect you to come down here with the legless footnotes — Don’t worry, I won’t judge you, I rarely read them myself, and the only book I know of where the footnotes clarify rather than obfuscate was Pale Fire and that was a long brilliant self-indulgent joke. Now endnotes, on the other hand, can’t be beat (by which I mean a kind of Tempo)