Beware the water spouts


“Sailing is a revelatory — apocalyptic practice — On the Caribbean islands it becomes clear we are all members of a cargo cult — The corporate Gods have hidden the petrochemical abattoir — leaving us little choice but to eat from their sacrificial troughs”
“The gods of the Anthropocene imitating their forefathers control the weather — The amount of energy being dumped into the atmosphere makes us pity the Weatherman — They no longer know which way the wind blows”
“We arrived on Friday at the marina planning to use Saturday to get projects done on the boat — All week we watched 5 weather apps to determine what day was best to sail to Sodus Point — Sunday looked ideal — but Saturday morning everything had changed — She was reading from NOAA’s weather report — ‘Moderate winds’ — ‘Check’ — ‘Light rain’ — ‘Annoying but check’ — ‘Chance of water spouts’ — I couldn’t stop laughing”

Con/Jur/d, 9/6/2021