Before you read it


Before you read this
4/28/2021, Con/Jur/d

A bit late to be asking,
so near the end, and if you’re here,
you already know, but I’m in an
awkward situation, having recently
been challenged, on my priors, on
my futures, on my grasp of now. 
I admit, my line breaks are imp-
erfect, creating a custom dictionary,
of mostly broken words, and style
often rules over substance, of course
one must point out James Joyce
was also accused of the same faux-pas,
I’m in good company, (What does it say
when only the Chinese seem to have time
any more for the Old Pervert, who was always,
always being called up before the Hanging Judge.
Although, in his defense, and yes we’re moving faster,
faster, he didn’t blink, which for a man of his time and 
his temperament was rather astounding), although
it’s a good way to segue, into the point of this missive:

Before you read this, 
please read enough, 
so you find you forget 
most of it, unless 
asked for a

Read hetero and homo dox authors,
with an emphasis on outlaws, free-thinkers,
doers, and makers. Plenty of trash, as well as
speculative fiction, find genius in pornographers,
unless they’re also exploiters, if it becomes your 
kink, turn to reading matters financial, where you
might have a chance of making some money and 
find your predatory kin. Spiritual tomes are not
necessary, but indeed they will help, when 
asking for the way to the water closet
it helps if you understand the dialect
used for directions. At all costs
avoid the Hanging Judge,
and his barristers;

if brought before the bench,
the answer always is “I was
being-human.” in whatever
legalese necessary to get
across the message. I’ll

stop right here.
Although, there are 10’000 more, subclauses,
sets based on cinema, self-referential pointers,
time and place of birth and certain inner
and outer astronomical equations to consider,
if you’ve made it here, as my teachers 
said in the past “There must be a reason.”

I’ll summarize the local time-space laws 
as best I can: 
       1. Words have consequences
                  a. Never the ones you expect
                  b. There are no guarantees
                  c. You chose to read this far
                  d. You always refers to you
                  e. Me also refers to you

And finally, when someone asks, “What are you reading?”
The answer regardless of provenance or terroir
should be, without provocation,

Ahhh, the folly of writing daily. I saw the poem as more of a pointer to some future project, rather than an independent poem, however, a reliable commentator on a poetry forum, called it my ‘Most accessible work to date,’ which had me howling with laughter, so despite my misgivings posted it here. I sat down to write something else, but as so often happens these days, the piece had other ideas. I have become less and less capable of writing. Rather than Writer, my role is increasingly Navigator, Tracker, Stooge. Sometimes you get what you’re looking for and sometimes you get a smack on da head or 2 fingers up your nose. Hope y’all have a grist-filled day,

Con/Jur/d, 4/28/2021