Working Title

20 ways to say the same darn thing

“‘We discovered this cemetery because it was given a 5-Star review on Google.’ I said ‘Our usual haunt has only 3.’ She said “I don’t get your references most of the time.’ If you do please explain it to me,’ I said”
“He wrote about balancing acts, the high-wire trickiness of not falling off, of the dangers of working without a net. He said, ‘Everything I read is linear, thegateless is a change, I never know where you're going.’ ‘That’s because neither do I,’ I said”
“An idea of reference—sometimes called a delusion of reference—is the false belief that irrelevant occurrences or details in the world relate directly to oneself ‘They always get it wrong,’ I said “It’s not how I perceive the world but how the world perceives me. I’m just a narrative, wondering WTF the Author is thinking.’ ‘Hey!’ she said, “I didn’t give you permission to take a picture of me taking a picture of her.’ Later, we discussed appropriation in Art and Delusion. ‘How meta,’ she said”
“Speaking of delusions of reference, I chose not to cross having had a beer with the scion of a local high-society family who died during prohibition. I could tell he died, thirsty. ‘I only read it when I’m stoned,’ he said. ‘I’m sure that helps,’ I replied”
Running around/Running around/ Running Around/Running Around - Johnny and Mary, Todd Terje feat. Bryan Ferry came on as I posted the above image. Mary and I had been talking about Fairy’s just before this piece was invoked by my Google-Fi Daemon. Although to be fair, she said, ‘Not quite gateless, but ungated.’”

Con/Jur/d, 3/23/2021 Happy 23rd y’all!