Be that as it may, be

10/20/2021 the hypocrisy of being

“Because of my renewed interest in Zen — having put on the heavy bleak coat and looking for a way out — They said — When you do koan practice it penetrates the world around you — you’ll find it all around your life”
“At the time I preferred to see the dawn from the Otherside — I still do — But with age walking or talking all night happens less frequently — and the drugs are tamer than they were”
“If you try to direct your way towards it — you move away from it — replied Nansen — Joshu continued — If we do not try how can we know its Tao?”
“If you really attain to Tao of no-doubt — it is like the great void — so vast and blank — How — then — can there be right and wrong in the Tao?”

Con/Jur/d, 10/20/2021