Saying it in other ways


“I have too much to say about this, like how SIER is a great mirror reflection on the American flag — how the flag exists in a mirror universe where NO WORRIES always means its opposite — Believing in self, I overcomplicate everything, so I won’t”
“Instead I’ll talk about how quiet it was last night — Even with the bar-band blasting classic rock covers — the seagulls who squawk and scream, surrounded by floodlights yet hidden on the roof of the great doored building right across the way — the ebb and flow of night-boaters returning bellowing docking commands in a false hush — yet they were small jewels against the great luminescent field of wind and water”
“Or how having walked to the coffee shop at 7 AM to discover they have gone on vacation the days we will be here — and settling on cheap supermarket coffee made drinkable by the addition of ultra sterilized half & half — I wound my way back via boater’s bathrooms — overflowing garbage bins from the local Drunkin Sailor Bar and Fix — to a bench overlooking the wet aisle between docks — regretted a cigarette — appreciated a culture deifying coffee to the extent even a lowly worshiper like me could worship on my own terms — even with adventured inconvenience — The zendo of swallows did not make a chirp”

The heat must be good for shutting me up y’all. I barely heard a metaphor or simile scream.