Depending on the weather

9/7/2021 One if by land

“Back to the glitch — Noticed the other day — seen through the Pixel lens our Prius dashboard flickers — this is a simulation of a malfunctioning simulation —appropriately ‘7 Nation Army’ was playing if you want to experience the moment with me — please listen to the entire hour below”
“TITLE: NO DIAL TONE — Did you listen? I wouldn’t have — way too distracted by the next shiny bit — Realized as I posted this — although the payphone harkens back to the analog it’s actually a digital copy — I wonder if we digitized James Randi — A. Would he pass the turning test? B. Would James Randi 2.0 insist the original Analog Jim wasn’t real?”

Well, y’all, a day old transmission while I deal with —

Con/Jur/d, 9/6/2021