Sense of importance

Imagine the smell 7/13/2021

A sense of importance
“In 1928 someone lost a vitally 
important piece of paper” - Roshi

The little envelope had KEEP 
circled on the front, and it has been

50 years maybe more
I was too young to remember

although I wonder how the little purple
watch strap holder, I lost in the freezer

to a place I couldn’t reach leading me to
order 2 new bands and yet here it is on 

the floor next to a long list of flowers:

Pink Glads, Carn, White Chup, Pink Bow, Pink & White Glads, Yellow Standard Mums, Yellow Roses, Gold Ribbon, Pink Glads, White Pom Poms, Blue Iris, pom poms, glads, Vase White Roses, Arrangement/Red Gladiolus/White Mums/White Callas, White Mums, Pink Glads, White Pom Pomes, Purple Iris, Red Roses, White Glads & Pom Poms, Purple Asters, Pink Snaps, White Carnations, White Glads & Pom Pomws & Feyu themes, Red Carnations, Red Glads, WT. Mums, Pink Glads, Yellow Pomps, WT. Glads, Lav pomps, Pink Glads, Red Roses

Each on the back of tiny irregularly 
numbered cards ( I copied as best I Could)

Imagine the colors, the scents
(refrigeration not being as good then

I’m sure there was a whiff of my great-great
Grandfather, as well) a man of stature and means

according to the families, associations, and friends
whose flowers were tracked, knowing the Ahns

with palatable judgment, maybe not
maybe so, who am I to judge? No one,

nobody, a further dilution of the Puritan eye,
and its petty hanging desires

Yes, yes there was a list of names and places
as well, most of those people are most likely

dead, despite the cynical tone
this is a praise poem, for those who have gone

before and what they thought was important
enough to save for over half a century

A reminder to us, the living, to look
at what we sense matters fully and deeply

Ask the ancestors to have their say, quietly
Do not let them drown out what we

need to hear, right now.

Well, y’all, it’s an interesting week. I hope you feel the same and are taking the time to get a sense of what’s important, to you, right now.

Con/Jur/d, 7/13/2021