A Prayer for the New Year

The construction of luck

Seasoning Tips:
1. Your seasoning may appear uneven or a little blotchy at first. That’s fine! Every carbon steel pan has a unique look, and it’s patina will change gradually over time. Think of it as a “living” object.

What a year! / Ban New Year’s ‘resolutions’ / substitute New Year’s ‘directions’ / Kill the cop inside / Advertising is propaganda with a better lobby / Bottom line / There's no astronomical reason to celebrate New Year's Day / January 1/ Instead, our modern New Year's celebration stems / the ancient / two-faced / Roman god Janus / One face of Janus / looks back into the past / the other peers forward /

to the future/

When this project began/an idea was had/poetry, blog, zine/Ideas: the least reliable witness/found instead/carve with the grain/the object emerges/as if/as if/it was/it could be/it was/already there/there already/effect precedes cause/organic, analog and platonic/constructed, digital and imaginal/So, lay down/lay down/ your bets/

I’m feeling lucky/

I’m upping the ante! Daily, yes daily! (well/well/ we-we-ll/will-see) updates for paying subscribers. It’s an experiment. Believe me, it’s not you, it’s me. It may not work. Choose to be a subject. I have no objections.

Peace ya’all.

I’ll still be posting poetry and other experiments here at least once a week and will be launching the Doc Concrescence Substack over the next few weeks.

Doc Concrescence

I hope to see you there, here and everywhere. Much Love and Gratitude,


Juris d. Ahn & Dr. Concrescence