Cloudy, low chance of rain

8/20/2021 high chance of beans

“I tend to not trust those with well-manicured lawns — Sometimes — I find my appreciation of their ‘dysfunction’ outweighs my annoyance at their priorities — the incongruity of the carrot or mushroom made me appreciate their faceless and silent selves behind early morning doors and windows”
“Other than on the surface have we really changed? — I recently found ‘proof’ — I’ve said it for years — We’re related to the Fox Sisters — Funny how dying in poverty is construed as an admission of a heterodox con”
“Although our eventual positions as mediums for the Orisha & Lwa — Can be traced to our early arctic expeditions and the artifacts of unknown origin we found there”
“Before the advent of the internet and the need to be ‘right’ to solidify our position against an ephemeral gossamer background — The presence of the Trees was undeniable”
“The desire to be a cult leader was inspired by these early forrays into Pied Piper Territory — once you wake up a territory from its binding as a map — hard to shake the consequences”
“Before digitization — it was common for paintings and other works of art to possess and manifest as people — afterward when imitation became replication in the scientism cult — it was harder for ‘real art’ to express itself”
“Back then all of us had a holodeck — Now we wait for someone to ‘invent and sell us one’ — without financing — modern ‘reality’ is tenuous — hence the need for fungibility
“We’ve become a world of changelings whose profiles serve in place of the actual — freedom becomes ‘escape from’ — rather than ‘alignment with.’”

Getting ready for a week up at Unirondack, y’all. Hope your day is as ‘wild and free’ as you can acknowledge it.

Con/Jur/d, 8/20/2021