You: "Lost"

8/16/2021 Me: "Adventure"

“This seemed reasonable — after giving in and looking at google maps, since I had forgotten to bring water — had hiked just under 5 miles, and now was making my way to a diner I reviewed a while ago and was parched and craving, ‘Fish, Grits & Eggs’ to celebrate getting lost a few times — that this was what I found —
coming up from the Genesse river trail through a mixed-use neighborhood International Paper Products next to cute houses with prefab forts and small above ground pools — next to a diaper & an incongruous patch of snow —
under the one knuckle — I hesitantly placed against it — the snow was cool — not cold — with the tactility of jello — A few minutes before I had followed a hidden partially paved trail announcing on a sigiled wooden pole — Red Falls —
and set forth — without a plan — to points unknown — remember — It ends with summer snow besides an old diaper — it all depends on — fish & grits & eggs at the end”

Later, y’all gotta rest my feet & eyes & temporal lobe

Con/Jur/d, 8/16/2021