Stripping away

10/08/2021 Notes on today

“The time of year the tension is palatable — the frisson between living and dying is palpable — Coming across this staging was thrilling — far too many bugs for this to be as good as it looks”

Thunder within the earth: The image of THE TURNING POINT. Thus the kings of antiquity closed the passes at the time of the solstice. Merchants and strangers did not go about, And the ruler did not travel through the provinces.

“During the Spring all the photos focused on the bare dead branches — I used to have an irrational fear of Hexagram 23 — Having survived my response began to change — I’ve too often allowed my life to be filled with suffering — 23 reiterates the importance of stripping suffering away leaving only the core”
“I’m a bit unmoored today — While Tracy is traveling I’m trying to finish Midnight Mass — ‘Horror’ is really not her cup of tea — Although — The deep humanity of Flannigan’s work is something worth sharing”

Hey, y’all, please fill out or reply to the thread I sent out earlier today — The Rise And Fall — I find you, dear readers, explorers, participants are far better at explaining gate(less) than I am — since the project bypasses my rational labeling mind exposing the gooey stuff underneath, at once too distant and too close. If y’all know what I mean?

Much appreciation,

Con/Jur/d, 10/8/2021