Too small

10/5/2021 I too, dream of escape

“The frame of reference matters — I compose gate(less) on a laptop — I get lost in the details — my body and the daydream organ — adrift on an ocean of, ‘This there — adjust, pop, color, light — intersect that thought just so — encode an ill-formed idea — in order to help us — step through the screen’ — For example — It is said of the Orisha and Lwa they live on the other side of the mirror
“I heard a story — A few of Google’s engineers were building a datacenter — The physical engineers were explaining one of the conduits had run out of room and couldn’t contain any more cables — the volume was physically too small — instead of accepting the facts of physics — the Law of cause & effect — they kept asking how much it would cost to put the too large inside too small”
“Sometimes — the images are too large and on my phone under bandwidth stress — they fail to load — leaving these captions hovering mid-page — I’ll feel better knowing you’ll go to the site to take a look — Another excuse to share gate(less)”

Share Gate (Less)

“We hit 70 individuals yesterday — Sometimes — I dream of 777 and more — We shouldn’t confuse volume and depth — I deeply appreciate every one of you who has taken the plunge — it only gets deeper and wider“

Well, y’all here’s to a very fulfilling day — may it fill the available space and by way of confused metaphor, a little more — Much appreciation,

Con/Jur/d, 10/5/2021