7 Sunday Sundries

I thought we were done with 7? What about 8?

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Back in 2017 (1+7 = 8, get it?) We opened a business filled with portals, Doc Concrescence, and we contracted with some of the best Portal Engineers, this side of the apocalypse, @ceejaybarnaby & @gwyllmllwydd
A brief deconstruction can help you pass through. (Hint it’s a goat yogurt cheesecake lovingly crafted by Juris or a valid digital reconstruction of this IMAGE)
So many portals out. Ultimately, despite ‘good effort,’ where we went wrong, not to say it’s an excuse, rather a poorly executed challenge, not enough portals in.

“The last we ever saw of this paying customer, he entered the CJ Barnaby Portal never to be seen again this side of a kava bowl” -Is what I wrote as a response to this prompt. Now you:

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