Water, water

9/13/2021 although, in here, there's not a drop to drink

“Without weather — we can not sail — can not raise crops — track & follow the herds — or rewild”
“Despite a desire to collectively move into the virtual — what threatens us now is the inversion — the rebalancing — although in the occident we loathe to admit it — we come out of the Earth — we have seawater for blood”
“This ability to pretend we’re separate — to believe in imaginary Masters — eternal parents — who make the storm in a system of punishment — punishment — reward — is what allowed us to fill the inner & outer seas with plastic — we outsource our consequences — or blame the Masters“
“Did you — like me — wish you lived in a mythic When — where depth and surface — meaning and form were the same? Consequences were clear but harsh — most of our ancestors didn’t live past 30 — but the water was clear and calm — devoid of the industrialist’s waste — it was plastic-free and drinkable at the source —
“When we arrived in Saint John USVI we found we had been misled — not deliberately — the owner was in denial — The engine was belching oil — the sails were ripped and barely usable — We arrived planning on staying 3 months — Covid-19 convinced us to leave in 3 weeks”
“Best to say nothing about the dinghy — patches on patches — floating primarily on wishes — If we could have sailed Dell Rose we may have stayed — despite the threat of viral storm”
“Do you see how we delude ourselves? If I could — despite knowing what I know about the changing weather — I would buy this:


If y’all go to the Instagram post turn on the sound. The sound of the changing weather is hypnotizing. We’re messing around with the format this week since we have a retreat at the end of the week and we want to assure everyone gets their daily dose of non-linearity, while we do nothing and sit. If anyone decides to buy Dell Rose or wants to invest — LMK — Maybe there is a conflict between the dream and the reality — but sometimes closing the gap is what it’s all about;-)

Con/Jur/d, 9/13/2021