Gourds in the Cemetery

11/19/2021 And other daily dreams

Although, now as I listen to Exuma I can see the same spirit in 1969 and 1971 now follows us all in 2021 — “Tomorrow will be the 22nd century

Con/Jur/d, 11/19/2021

PS: The Exuma album and the King Crimson are well worth revisiting. Join me in the dream, won’t you?

Liberation of animals, prevention of cruelty to animals, men and beast
Flying and unflying things
Revolution of music
Poetry, love and life
Sex changing, changing, changing
Man is woman, woman is man
People, your brain is not your brain
Your heart is a plastic thing that can be bought
There are no more diseases that can be caught
Man became everything he worshipped
Man truly became his god
That was the day that man and woman surely became bored
Man become as good, and man became as evil
Man became as god, and man became as devil