Out of the water onto the land


“After taking out a group of Tracy’s adult-kids — spouses and friends — we hooked the ladder at the end of the dock — wind — angle — and inattention were the culprits — in the foreground — we have a wonderful illustration of Virilio’s ‘Accident’ — In the background — we see The Return which is the inevitable result of The Accident”
“We tend to focus on The Return in our daily lives — our aging — our mistakes — our accidents — recapitulating the story of ending even though we may not think of it that way — being the death-denying apes we are”
“If evolutionary biologists are to be believed — and why shouldn’t they be? Out of all the sects heterodox and orthodox — their doctrine resonates most with the arc of our lives — this change from water to land was the result of an ongoing accident — variations in our genetics caused by the impact of geology — anemology — meteorology —astronomy — helioseismology — physics — and cosmology”

Hope you're having a glorious accident-prone Monday, y’all!

Con/Jur/d, 9/27/2021