I prefer working backwards

11/26/2021 If it isn't relevant then, why now?

I’m certain these 2 crosses appear only once a year and for an hour — since the cause has recently arrived — this is the first and last time we’ll see them — I could be wrong — How lucky I am to be wrong
Try to be wrong every day — especially about the knowledge you feel is certain — Yesterday was Thanksgiving — We ate Chinese food in our hotel room — worked on the boat in the cold — and played with the Oculus — I could be wrong having written this on 11/24 — I wanted to be sure — How silly surety is if we can not take responsibility for our own thoughts

Well y’all, hopefully, I return with new photos — a bit of renewal and new stories. If everything goes to plan, gate(less) will return to the real-time dailies on the morrow — If the trees don’t take apart our house with their branches.

Con/Jur/d, 11/24/2021