An acquired taste

6/3/2021 "Said too much" -- REM

“So, so tired — the tunes kept us going, the Radio Oracle had us singing, —some of our favorite earworms have been infecting peoples heads for over a half-century”
“And a roof vast, petrific, around / On all sides he fram’d, like a womb, / Where thousands of rivers in veins / Of blood pour down the mountains to cool / The eternal fires, beating without / From Eternals, & like a black globe / View’d by sons of Eternity, standing / On the shore of the infinite ocean, / Like a human heart, struggling & beating, / The vast world of Urizen appear’d” - The Book of Urizen, William Blake. (In an earlier incarnation I spelled it with a silent J)


Ah friends, still very tired today. I am never quite sure how to expand the circle, realign the interpersonal metaphysics, or tell people “I mean no harm.” By the time I get the bottle of champagne or the local brew out of the SHIMMERING-EVERCHANGING basket attached by bungee cords to the barely contained TEMPORAL-HYPER-BUBBLE, they’ve thrown down their pitchforks, spoons, drink’s glasses leaving their pets and children behind to distract me while they get some real firepower.

It’s a challenge somedays to be Con/Jur/d.

Dear Friends, Readers, Gawkers, and fellow inhabitants of this strange unbound, unincorporated country,

If y’all find something gratifying, annoying, stimulating, and re-educational in gate(less), please consider spreading the word to outliers you may be on a friendly basis with, or at least exchange goods for occasional services with, who deserve to be gratified, annoyed, stimulated, and re-conjured.

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Much Love,

Con/Jur/d, 6/3/2021