Count down to the solar return


“Tomorrow is one of my every 17-week Omolu’s Dinners that has been happening in one form or another since 12/17/1994. Play “It’s Gonna Rain in celebration, I highly recommend listening to Steve Reich’s version while watching this fly climbing around our rain gutters”

Well, y’all, Sunday we’re doing a game day for Mother’s Day, Monday is my birthday and the start of what promises to be a brilliant class by JF Martell, “Art as Spiritual Practice” So far his book is joyfully engaging ‘Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice’ and it gives my a chance to reread Martin Buber. I hope you have equally fun things to look forward to, and if not, plan some, for me and my 57th birthday. Good god, I’m old. And a shout out to my Taurian Crew, Jon Sellers who believed we would see each other in 2023 and then escaped this realm, Mike and Bob, we’ve celebrated a few together, and all of the other great ‘unknowns’ like when my brother and I were celebrating my last birthday on the West Coast before I moved to NY and we’re on the way to the bar via public transport, not because we (I) were being responsible but because neither of us drives. There were 2 women on the way to their Birthday party somewhere else in Guerneville, and I asked ‘When’s Yours?’ and of course it was 5/10/1964, just like the little ol’ dragon, Juris. Whatever you do, please enjoy it.

Much much appreciation,

Con/Jur/d, 5/7/2021