Since 19 I've been breaking systems

Apparently, I broke substack with this rich and vital infographic. I’m used to it, people have been wanting to kick me out of enclosed systems since I was 19 — I keep breaking narratives about hierarchies and webs of interconnections. Not really breaking them, but challenging unnecessary belief structures. I’m reminded I need to invite my Reiki instructors from all those years ago, who suspended class and tried to decide if they were going to ask me to leave since I suggested there was a way to use Reiki to kill. In my life, I’ve used it mainly on machines where it objectively works better than on most humans.

Which is to say read today’s Gate(Less) Entangled:19 on the web @ least for me, the spiders, ladders, watchtower, and maw, did not show up in the e-mail which rather defeats some of the internal logic loops. Or in this case, expands them into the meta. https://www.thegateless.org/p/entangled-19