Sunday Sundries

9/19/2021 Without the badger

“Photoepilepsy is part of the biological rebellion against the digital — so are peanut — corn and soy allergies — a neurodivergent and microbiome response to industrialization — personally I suffer from chemical sensitivities”
“Who benefits from your dis-ease? Old gods or new? The OG can be bargained with and talked to — The NG reduce you to maths — If you understand the equations it can work to your benefit assuming you can outrun the actuary tables”
“I understand my Google Photo Assistant is a poor learning machine — a not-particularly bright AI — Usually we understand the ‘how’ of its mistakes — But why does this photo of Heidelburg Germany (Where I — Like Twain before me — would like to disappear and write for a while) come up when I search for ‘snake’?”
“Look what a clever ape I am! I fooled the baby AI into thinking this was a cliff — Everyone is neurotypical until you get to know them — something like that — although it should be obvious on what side of the divide I fall — or is it?”

Well, y’all, if you’ve been at the retreat with me — stop here — go no further — we don’t need the ‘quieting’ to get polluted — unless you expected what’s next since the subtitle?

Con/Jur/d, 9/15/2021