5/9/2021 Sunday Sundries

Washing dishes during Apocalypse

“In all this, the tree remains my object, occupies space and time, and has its nature and constitution. It can, however, also come about, if I have both will and grace, that in considering the tree I become bound up in relation to it. The tree is now no longer It. I have been seized by the power of exclusiveness.” - MB I/Thou

“Dogen: How old are you? Tenzo: Sixty-eight years. Why don't you get an assistant to dry the mushrooms? Tenzo: Other people are not me. Dogen: But why do this now when the sun is so hot? Tenzo: (smiling) If not now, when?”
“A monk told Joshu: “I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me.” Joshu asked: “Have you eaten your rice porridge?” The monk replied: “I have eaten.” Joshu said: “Then you had better wash your bowl.”” -Koan

A little Sunday inspiration, Y’all Con/Jur/d 5/9/2021