Sunday Sundries

4/25/2021 Not knowing, yet not, not knowing

“You looking at me? Maybe too obvious. How about, Today during the Teisho, Roshi brought up the yellow brick road … Look out for that apple! Better. It got a laugh”
Don’t Know
Con/Jur/d, 4/25/2021

Not much left, he said
any grand gesture you’re
planning is smaller in size,
tiny contrasted to the light
shining on a microscopic
speck of red sand among
billions and billions of others
on a silent planet,  beneath
a swirling sky, where sound 
becomes tactile heard via
tremor, rumble, vibration
circling, a too-small Sun, 
whose outsized imprint,
causes a different leveling
in every,

rock, liquid, organism

whose ripples are lightyears 
and lightdecades wide.

Despite knowing they’re
just words, barely a trace 
on a fractional surface of

objects, subjects, souls

trying unsuccessfully to
fill the infinite hollow,
in every,
direction, temporality, topology

you think knowing
will solve for an

unaskable, unknowable, unfathomable


Sunday’s are about ‘you,’ y’all. So If you take a picture and feel like ‘Hey, this would be cool on gate(less), send it my way. Just remember I’ll probably ignore it and if it does catch my attention, it’ll probably be edited, beyond recognition.

Or I’ll just post it as is without attribution.

Many, many thanks,

Con/Jur/d, 4/25/2021