Monday, Monday

6/7/2021 a clear picture

From where I was sitting I couldn’t see it, so I asked her to take the picture and at first, she hesitated claiming I had a special eye for these things”
“If I had taken the photo, however, I wouldn’t have captured the edge of what had been following us since we had left the old abandoned church. Most likely it was curious why I had accidentally invoked it by intoning the lord’s prayer as part of the voting-members meeting discussing the community church’s revival”
“The YHVH demiurge and I have a complicated relationship, and it didn’t help most of the people there were his agents, and I forget again and again how much juice those who serve Abraham’s tribal god can bring when called to do so”
“I should have known all the swallows who inhabit an abandoned still incorporated church are the same as the holy-spirit. I might have called Obatala for a little protection or relied on my practice to clarify the Way — it’s easy to forget precaution against fecund worship when surrounded by sterile digital idols”
“If it was up to me I’d go in at midnight, and psychically clean the space, restore the balance between the new, the old, and the older still. Just down the street is a First People mass grave and Oaks older than the community which once thrived there”

Well, y’all another weekend filled with adventure, inland among the many unvaccinated. My wife’s brother is helping restore an old community church unused for at least 2 generations. It’s an exciting project, helping restore community history. Since I was there, I became a ‘voting member.’ There was a great deal of discussion by the ordained trinitarian of making this an open church and other attendees carrying giant revised bibles ‘agreed’ with a sort of wink and nod about the ‘god’ we were talking about.

Afterward, the practicing atheists/agnostics mentioned the vibe seemed a bit hostile to non-Christians. “True,” I said, “But what do you think they would do if they knew?”

Con/Jur/d, 6/7/2021