It, only matters


It, only matters
Con/Jur/d, 5/11/2021

The only matter, worthy of note
is how it echoes. Apologize in advance

for karma, and never
mention it again -- the blame, the self

doubt, a mechanism of Language
the machinery, grammar, syntax,

capitalization insists, Victim. Modified,
by the mediums, can’t even see the wires

and freely deny the existence
of wings. It SEEMS, annoyance

at poor punctuation, bad-translation
comes from inside, even agreeing with 

the Other’s complaint as a signifier,
a lack, a misunderstanding, “THEY

don’t get it, I’ve said the same thing for
years, years, years, 

years, years.” this head-nods, moved BY
pull, push, these strings, this gravity

belong to The Tribe of It. Remote controls
Behavior, vigilance “THE borders are

under constant threat those Other Tribes, 
The People of I and The Warriors of Thou, 

want what It has. What Us, have.

I People say, them things, this way, “I
died by Predator Drone at my wedding

feast beside the tulip field near my home”
And “The tank of gasoline I bought so I could

go to work cost One Million Humans mostly
women and children, contributing to my

receding hairline and impeding my liver
function contingently,” The I’s are hard to see, 

everywhere, learning not to cry in public’
to escape being labeled Them,

has rendered I’s souls covert, flickering briefly
beneath glassine exteriors, IN and OUT wanting

to steal indifferent skins, to achieve the safety
of normalcy, the protection of itness. The

brief discomfort of flaying is nothing, nothing
to existential menace threatened by Thouists

and THE secret assassin masters. Camouflaged
moving freely, among Us, unlike the I’s,

only complete annihilation will do,
without remorse, without resorting to facts,

common truths, or even opinion, Us, so easily
radicalized, it takes an impossible

effort, akin to instantaneous addiction,
to resist, to avoid banishment, the DEATH

dance, possession of me by THEM. Only
a single, infallible, concrete-test absolutely

detects The Warriors of Thou, a simple
question with only one possible answer,