I loved him

11/17/2021 didn't like him

My Father’s birthday was yesterday — he would have been 87 — It’s not true I didn’t like him — except sometimes and for years — I hope the same can be said of me — mostly likable
Our suburban lower-middle-class home was built without a fireplace — although they selected from a set of possible designs to be put on our freshly bulldozed ex-orchard lot — a fireplace was above the budget — knowing how much me - we - him like a good fire he built one himself just before I left for college
For a while — during the early intermediate stage of his dementia he became non-sectarian zen master — he couldn’t remember what he was angry about — or what to blame me for


Enjoy the day, y’all,

Con/Jur/d, 11/17/2021

PS Endless Waves: The Dawn of Electronic Noise & Ambient Music, Vol. 1