Sunday Sundries #20

A spiritual cleanse

“I need to remember, Sundays are about you, not me. Although, what little inspiration one can garner from the making of my infamous Blue Macadamia-nut Milk, inspired by our encounter yesterday with the Blue-Other, I’m sure is spoiled by the involuntary disgust at the blender’s base, a mixture of kava and other blood-brain barrier crossing organic chemicals, it’s hardly appetizing and spoils whatever message I was trying to get across”
“Unless it was a deliberate message to us, to take stock, to be honest, and to engage in a little spiritual cleansing. I’ve been considering, spending a half-hour each morning cleaning the kitchen as part of my ‘cooking practice.’ This is not to be anti-fecundity, after a year in lockdown I think we all need to get away from ideas of sterility and to celebrate the muck. Spring is always a good time to spiritually cleanse, go stomping in the melt, get hit with willow buds, enjoy the purity of a good mud bath”
“My brother thinks I made this up, and maybe I did: I swear my mother tried to scare me from going in bare feet in the Spring, by invoking nematodes, who would come up through the mud and enter my body via the sole of my feet. Since she had a doctorate in microbiology, how could I doubt her? I invite you to allow something unseen in, to see the silliness in your fear, and to delight in muddy moments. Just don’t walk with a rhythm, some nematodes we do need to be cautious of, as long as we don’t fear
“I feel the same way about nematodes as I do about these decade markers like 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60, 70, etc. The idea something fearful happens when our Sun returns is hilarious and highly suspect, but we should treat some of them with caution”


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That’s it for the sundries y’all! Hope your Equinox was fecund and purifying!

Con/Jur/d 3/20/2021