The World, a dead tree in the cemetery

5/13/2021 Love, Peace, Unity - happy 13'th!

“When there is no one else there, except the birds, squirrels, groundhogs, fairies, plants, moss, and the free and buried, the roads become endless, the atmosphere is replete with the infinite now. What the Hebrews called El, and the people of Islam called Al, meaning, roughly ‘extend to infinity, hence the reason angel names like Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, end in El.’ Some days one can feel the changing weight of air running the ‘extend to infinity’ calculations”

“Later Y’all. Having the first pizza with cow-cheese and animal-flesh in 6 weeks, have Lactaid, digestive enzymes, and an exorcist standing by. Wish me luck. Con/Jur/d, 5/13/2021