Almost didn't happen

5/3/2021 A separate history

So many geese and gosling pictures over the last few days. Almost oblivious to the human presence they live in a separate history.

We lived in our own separate history, this weekend fighting miscommunication with the contractors who were supposed to remove the canvas on our boat two weeks ago, arctic winds when the weather had been predicted to be in the 60s a few days ago, and the general struggle of new boat owners who live 3 hours away from where we’re planning on spending the season.

For three nights we stayed in a hotel where last time I was here in 1983, were only farm and swamplands and a few old farmhand houses. Now populated with hotels, condos, and 50 bigbox stores.

The ponds where we went swimming no longer allow it. When asked why people made up stories but knew it stopped a long, long time ago.

“But there’s plenty of fishing,” they tell me.

Con/Jur/d, 5/3/2021