Selfish to be selfless

9/14/2021 Trigger warning: Eat or be eaten

“What drives me is a selfish reason: to be in a world in which I feel more at home. So, I interact to transform the world.” ~ Jorge Ferrer

“When in Denmark we stopped at an Italian pizza place — I ordered a Neapolitan pizza with anchovies — After I had my first bite I declared ‘I hate anchovies — and I need to remind myself every few years — I’ve always loved the ‘idea’ of anchovies — however — I had not learned to enjoy the real thing”

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“When I was challenged to ‘cook’ a self-portrait — I selfishly chose anchovies — It’s my universe after all — and in this universe — I do not want to be bound by ‘likes and dislikes’ — It takes deep selfishness to not be bound by externally imposed preferences”
“For example: When I worked on the Stock Exchange I noted a similarity between Market Makers and Anarchists — they both have tried to embody the being of freedom — If our culture did not indoctrinate the link between money and self-determination then only sociopaths would bother becoming wealthy”
“I apologize for the graphic egg consumption images — One of our fellow gatekeepers will not eat eggs because they represent the kinetic birth of infinite potential — The two animations above represent 2 radically different world views — once one has taken the plunge and taken charge of one’s own perceptual universe then one must allow for an infinite number of other worlds — other cosmoses — other points of view”
“I haven’t made myself clear — I’ve become lost in a maze of platitudes my arguments block out the stars and the sun — I Take full responsibility for it — Do you?”

I give up y’all, sometimes I get lost here in Con/Jur/d land.

Con/Jur/d, 9/14/2021

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