Both are influencing us interestingly and separately

7/7/2021 "I love it when an experiment comes together"

“Today’s Secret Words is Funnel Spider. (for the rest of the day when you hear them scream real loud!)Since the first writing of something I enjoyed, I’ve tried to write something which lay beyond the words used. Words become ‘signals',’ outlines, verging on symbols, pointing to rather than at. I rarely succeed. This morning with my cup of coffee and cell phone I wandered the yard and noticed the webs - I took pictures and tried to remember what these particular arachnids were called: Ahh yes funnel spiders. Later, legs heavy from kava watched an episode of The Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, the victim in season 3 episode 7 is killed by an Australian Funnel Spider (YAAAAAAAA),
which is meaningless in 2 ways: 1. Who the fuck cares if the platonic ideal of a ‘Funnel Spider (YOOOOOOO) shows up randomly twice in one day. 2. Synchronicities are so frequent I note ‘em and move on otherwise I would be trapped like a Funnel Spider’s (AHHHHHHHHHHH) victim”
but it’s no longer the 1980s. the sort of critical theory and self-important stance has been transformed by the subtle blades, the hyper-widgets, the end time silence of solid-state circuits, into ‘The Brand,’ the makeshift identity allowing us all to fit into the automated teller machine slot, or in modern parlance, from 3 dimensions to 2 to less than 1, the App”
“There is a direct link between Spatial Memory and what is commonly called Intelligence. In our flatspace world, we are constantly making adjustments to compensate for the lack of dimensions”
“I’m embarrassed. Too much talking, too much thinking. It keeps me from being surprised. After all, it’s what we’re practicing for, to remember to be surprised by this glorious, joyful, awe-full life”


Con/Jur/d, 7/7/2021

PS. RAW, said it better: