Entangled: 19

We get older, only our spirit can hold onto 18 forever

“Those who knew me well called me Old Man even in my late teens. Later we attributed it to Omolu, now that I’m ‘there’ it’s obvious it was just part of the ride, cruising the grand loop, the “Shoots & Ladders” spiral we naively think of as a timeline”
“I think it’s worth repeating I once believed in linear hierarchies. Of course, I also believed in Arachne the 13th sign of the Zodiac and had proof. It wasn’t just being 19 and withdrawing from a short-term freebase addiction, or was it 20, 21? If you remember the 80s, you probably were newly incarnated or not born yet”
“If you came to Gate(Less) wanting sensible explanations, I’ll apologize in the future, because when I tried it in the past, it led to sub-optimal outcomes. Maybe it’ll help if I tell you these butterflies don’t remember being larvae and apparently they’re carnivorous”
“8/19/2013 - Later the day of the Blue encounter, I spoke with someone who had used Ghost Plant to counteract a mild psychotic break successfully. I also discovered it was not a fungus as I grew up thinking, but a fungal parasite or mycoheterotrophic, a previously unknown classification. After our discovery of the carnivorous Lycaenidae, and the encounter with the Blue Friend, what other wonders does this incarnation hold? I can’t wait to find out! Of interest to those paying close attention to our current fieldwork, the subject’s mouth turned black when consuming Monotropa Uniflora. This explains the incongruous picture in the Hierarchies Entangled Web glyph above ^ as well as suggesting we may be able to use the fungal parasite as an intervention for psilocybe encounter cessation?”

He’ll never find out y’all! But I’m not a prophet, so maybe they do? I’ll double-check the next time I pass thru.

Con/Jur/d 3/19/2021