Be Joyful though you've considered all the facts

-- Wendell Berry

“Being married to a substation engineer I know too much about our power grid and the ‘clerks’ who run it, to be comfortable with severe thunderstorms predicted for 9 out of the next 10 days”
“The deeper I go into the dharma and what ‘is,’ the more I find statements from the Agents of Being to resonate, regardless of their affiliation to cultures of superstition — although, I must admit the town of Endwell is a great place for a positivist apocalypse cult”

“ This is a shout-out to Wabi-Sabi the author of the Substack “A Small Dark Light” — I’ve enjoyed his last 2 essays on his Dark Night of Soul & Body, both good and bad — I resonated, been there done that, several times. Although I resonate, our journeys are always our own. I gave up on the Small Gods, the petty ones, the ones made uncomfortable when I say I’m an atheist. I was reminded by a teacher on Sunday how much I resonated with Spinoza’s God. — All I can say, in my experience, it gets better, even the body stuff”
“Although I’m cutting back, in order to acknowledge Being as it is, occasionally, with the right voice it serves a purpose, ‘I apologize.’ I seem to be having some difficulty distinguishing inside and out”

Well, y’all, I’m diagnosing all of us with PQS, (Post Quarantine (For some, Post-Qanon) Syndrome).

Con/Jur/d AKA Dr. Con AKA Juris d. Ahn, 7/8/2021