Celestial Orbs

5/27/2021 The Seven Wanderers

“Mercury, Hermes, Thoth, Elegua - When one can’t find the protections afforded by sleep, spending all night in dreams of chase, it’s clear dawn is a crossroads. Which direction will you go?”
“My AI-Daemons, are not as smart as the latest generation, although, I feel sorry for the newest broods of writers, with aggressive grammar checking apps, herding them all, into fields measured in cubits, never teaching the dual nature of pen, keeping them clueless about the particulars of, which is to say, and I’m sure, but not long after, Grammarly, will correct my Tauf! Tauf! Peatrick, and still, when I searched for Mars, this is one of two suggested photos, and I must say, I was thrilled” — Author, illustrator, and planet of origin, Unknown”
“This being selected as the photo for Jupiter, is unsurprising. Where is this? The Texaco sign suggests something. Marx commented on Capitalisms's great blanding, the homogeneousness capital creates out of an infinitely rich universe. When traveling in heavily occupied territories it certainly becomes obvious. Although this could be a few blocks away, or in the SPACE X green zone planned for Jupiter’s moons, it’s Jamaica. I’m sorry”
“Saturn is best felt at night, near uncertain architecture. I will personally, always associate my first Saturn Rising with Meredith Monk, who I suggest we all start listening to, again as a way to train for the global Saturnian return”

Con/Jur/d, 5/27/2021