Furious Friday's

15: Deja vu? Timeloop? Artist error?

“Obviously a Summer pose.” Back on Tuesday, we were talking about the proliferation of yard-signs virtue-signaling. With the American disposition to replace the character with brand and history with opinion, virtue-signaling is more about corporate loyalty than an indication of character.
“Would you? Could you? Join the rEvolution (I know the fella who copyrighted ‘rEvolution',’ sometimes you have to forgive your friends)” Seriously, go here:

https://www.zazzle.com/virtue_signaling_flag-256548049236618516 or here:

Sell Out Now; while there is something rather than nothing, left to sell!

Good lord, what have I done? Now there’s merch?

“Even though this won’t come out ‘til Friday, I’m exhausted by the temporal whiplash, all that happened, the radical narrative drift, the timelines, eddies, and drifts. Man, can you believe just 2 days ago I spent too much time setting up a Zazzle store, for a weak (weekend) joke? And then all of that happened. Sure, sure we lose the freshness doing it this way — think of it as surfing the spiral, linearity is overrated unless you have a goal and still sometimes you’ve just gotta open the window and look out of the House of Being

against accidentally hitting the publish button.” Instead of hitting the schedule button, I hit “publish” on the substack interface, defeating my attempt to ‘Get ahead of the game.’ I knew it was going to happen but I did it anyway. Does it count as a psychic impulse, if it’s you playing tricks on yourself? speaking of psychic tricks, the link to the Gateless Zazzle store should now work, at the least the product is public! There will be more useless knick-knacks from the Liminal State. (It’s worth clicking thru, just to see what Dr. Con was up to 10 years ago) If you haven’t guessed, what Dr. Con calls ‘The Experiment’ most people call ‘Life.’

And since 2 of you reached out and said “I don’t know WTF you're talking about.” I can’t help usually, since they’re working thru/with me, often leaving no discernable trace, however, in this case in reference to lawn signs & virtue-signaling this is what they meant:


Slightly more conservative but still sweet

But the real hidden gems, I’m sure are banned from public (corporate-internet) discourse, I’l send Doc C out later to see if he can nab a picture, of course, he might be shot. As a tulpa he’ll regenerate; it still hurts.

Thanks for reading thru (again)!