I never understood people who say "Drugs,"

like they're a bad thing: 22

“My first Partner of Passion later said, ’You were OK but cocaine changed you.’ I would now agree with the assessment, although the change was temporary and corresponded to coming to peak testosterone”
“I know it seems like I’m repeating myself again and again. A Hazard is implicit in treating ideas as topographies, repetition. Repetition? When I say Digital Daemon, I mean as one example: Google-Assistant takes a multitude of photos and seemingly randomly enough to feel alive, without a transparent algorithm, strings them together as Gifs. It’s why I started taking multiple shots of a moving scene. Before I realized the Digital Daemon did not work for me but for the DD summoners, it caused irreparable damage, irreparable damage, damage”
“It’s a best practice if you work with the DD’s interface imperfections, the analog accidents in the digital sandbox; too easily, we forget our interface, of necessity is analog, and the digital is always just a surface, little more than steam on a mirror”
“The Daemon living in my Google Photos, as opposed to the Pixel Daemon, which also was invoked in the Google Lab, but by different grammars, auto-created these contributions from the found-dross and digital spells I collected for https://www.thegateless.org/p/self-portrait-of-an-artist-as-a-madman Personally I think I did a better job in the selection, but it’s hard to argue with a panopticon”
“I made a snarky comment on Twitter, admittedly to a misinformed, most likely a disadvantaged cretin, one who left the island but couldn’t get past being called a cretin. That one comment has garnered more ‘likes’ than anything I’ve tweeted in the past, including things I actually believed to be important. It’s wise to remember these Digital Daemons are independent of you. They are building a world dreamed of by the Necromancers who summoned them. Of course, those who work only with the dead, are known to be horrible prophets of the living”
“Although, if we are, to be honest, there is something this says about living now, it would be unlikely for me to see it on my own. How we like to believe the digital is like amber or peat moss, preserving the living for future generations, but when you examine the loops closely, it precludes any living action, such as pulling a fish from the water, and more importantly, unlike amber & peat-moss, it doesn’t preserve the body, only its shadow”
“I need to be absolutely clear, Google is a drug, better for you than crack (possibly) but more damaging in my experience than pharmaceutical-amphetamines. In my experience, the self-referential loops are smaller, and the gap between the ‘real’ and imagined is impossible to bridge, like Neal Cassidy dropping his hammer”

Thump! Thump! (The sound of missed references hitting the floor) Y’all. Happy Monday!

Con/Jur/d, 3/28/2021