Constant Motion


“Had breakfast with a Bald Eagle yesterday. They had fish, we had Pancakes and oatmeal and hard-boiled eggs. Their meal may have been simpler, but their engagement was fully authentic. Remember, occasionally, swoop down and eat like an eagle.”
“Afterwards, while driving home, looking at the rapidly multiplying wind turbines and talking about the absurdist comedy/tragedy of ‘Free-Market Engineering’ it became very clear to me we’re living in an accelerationist fantasy”

Welcome to the week y’all. Despite the blurring temporarily, it does seem like Monday still means a shift. Why? A collective, gasp? A growing realization, subservience to someone else’s clock is no longer sustainable? For those of us who have to a certain extent escaped the circle, please keep in mind the profound revelation of an itinerant street therapist I know, “Never tell anyone you don’t have something to do on Monday.”

Con/Jur/d, 5/24/2021