Bachelor Night

6/11/2021 An excuse to eat over-spiced food

“100 years ago Binghamton was a much cooler place. But after the War and the Inshoring of Banal Evil, from arms manufacturers to satan-fetishist Christians, this rust-place town the birthplace of IBM and VR, is a perfect microcosm of what two generations of propaganda governance has done to most of the USA”
“I apologize. In another life, I was an unsuccessful Poli-Sci major, and my wife is going out of town and I’ve had the first beer of my Trashy Movie and Mexican Junk Food Bachelor day and night, henceforth called simply Friday. And if I sometimes, not normally in public, with all of you watching, I revert and start spewing blameful nonsense. It’s the opposite of what I intend, but it happens, and so I should make this short, sweet, and to the point.”
“The point is I’ve been here 9 years. This place is filled with good and interesting people. After the last year, it’s sometimes hard to remember. I should call other people, but some of my favorite neighbors are woodpeckers and trees”
“Patience, friends, it’s a one-off, here are some roses in lieu of an apology. Back to it tomorrow, but now I’ve got horror, anime, murder, and mayhem to attend to”

Con/Jur/d, 6/11/2021